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Ortho-K Lenses

No Spectacles, No Contact Lenses, No Surgery!

Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) is a vision correction therapy that provides clear, comfortable vision without the need to wear contact lenses during the day.

Am I suitable for Ortho-K?

If you are myopic (short-sighted) by no more than - 5.00 Diopters and with low or no astigmatism, it could very well be for you.  Unfortunately it is not suitable if you are long-sighted (Hypermetropic). 

Your next step is to book an appointment, being sure to mention Ortho-k.

Ortho-K is ideal for people who:

  • want clear natural vision
  • want to be free from lenses for sports and outdoor activities for example water sports and boxing.
  • do not want to undergo laser refractive surgery
  • find that contact lenses do not fulfil their needs
  • find it hard to wear lenses all day without discomfort
  • suffer from hayfever
  • work in a very dusty, dry or smoky environment
  • find spectacles and conventional lenses just a plain nuisance
  • need to have a certain degree of un corrected vision to satisfy their employers or  licensing body (e.g. pilots, police).


How does it work?

Very simply, Ortho-K lenses are specially designed to gently modify the shape of your cornea to allow you to see the same way as someone with normal vision. As they are worn overnight while you sleep, you don’t feel them.

This has been made possible because we now have superb new oxygen permeable materials, precision engineered to micron-accuracy.

Is Ortho-k safe?

Yes. Research and world-wide experience show that the whole process is safe and 100% reversible. So if you decide to stop or pause Ortho-K for any reason, the cornea will return to it’s original shape and you will see clearly with your glasses again. This makes Ortho-k an excellent alternative to laser surgery. It is particularly suitable for children and teenagers – lenses can’t get lost, and they’re free to get up to all sorts of mischief during the day!

There is increasingly solid evidence that these lenses prevent or slow down the rate of myopic progression in children.

What are the advantages of Ortho-K?

  • normal vision without specs or contact lenses
  • It is not a surgical procedure
  • It is reversible
  • It is modifiable
  • It doesn’t hurt or cause dry eye
  • It is likely to slow down myopic progression in children


Ortho-K v’s Laser Surgery

    • No ethical surgeon will treat a patient until they are at least 18 years old, and in some cases 21 years old
    • It does not cause the permanent hazy vision or the flare/poor night vision experienced by some patients following laser surgery
    • Both eyes are corrected together (rather than several weeks or months apart)
    • If there is a change in your prescription it can be dealt with by simply changing the Ortho-k lens.
    • The procedure is 100% reversible
    • The effects on the cornea are well understood. Contact lenses have been around for over 60 years.


World Champ Catriona Morrison talks about Nocturnal Lens Overnight Vision Correction from NocturnalTV - Athletes on Vimeo.

Anything else I need to know about Ortho-k?

  • You must be prepared to allow for 4-6 visits over the initial 3-6 months
  • Retainer lens wear overnight is essential or the cornea will revert to its original shape
  • The degree of success is high but cannot always be guaranteed
  • The speed of reduction in the myopia varies from one person to the next
  • You must follow instructions implicitly for the best results.


Carol's Experience with Ortho-K

'I have been using ortho-k lenses for nearly a year. I love them....they are a modern day miracle. I can see better than I ever did with glasses or standard contact lens. I considered laser treatment but I was concerned about the risks involved. My son discovered Ortho k whilst reading up about laser eye surgery online. We did some investigating to find an Ortho-K optician here in Northern Ireland.
It will take a few days to get used to them, but once you get into a routine, they are super. They are a brilliant alternative to laser eye surgery and totally reversible. It is great not having to deal with the dryness and red eyes from wearing ordinary contact lenses all day and I can wear my ‘designer’ rather than prescription sunglasses on holidays.
My treatment was carried out by Ruth Bigger Opticians who are located in Clooney Terrace here in Derry. They use cutting edge optical equipment and offer a fantastic customer service that is second to none.'


Joe’s Experience with our Ortho-k Lenses

Boxing has strict rules in relation to a minimum standard of vision  and contact lenses are not allowed in the sport.

Joe says

joe image

‘The ortho-k lenses have been brilliant for me. I love sport, especially boxing, but my poor eyesight was a problem.When I heard about ortho-k first I didnt think it was for real or that it could work for me, but since I got the lenses.  I’ve no more doubts. I passed my boxing medical, which means I can do Championship fights. I have perfect vision on the football pitch and no longer have to wear glasses to school. Thanks to Ruth and Gavin at Ruth Bigger                                                                                                         Opticians for all your help.’

Seeing is Believing - Nocturnal through the eyes of wearers from NocturnalTV - Testimonials on Vimeo.

To see other testimonials from happy Ortho-k patients visit the  i.GO Ortho -k website.


What next?

Several visits are necessary when starting to wear these lenses and you should be prepared  for this. We charge a set fitting fee to cover all the visits you need so you know in advance what it will cost.

APPOINTMENT ONE – The optometrist checks for suitability then accurately measures the contours of the eye. Data is then used to precision engineer your lenses.

APPOINTMENT TWO – Lenses are collected, fitted and a further appointment is made for the next morning.  Learning how to apply and remove them safely, and how to clean and  look after the lenses. Good hygiene is essential, but will become routine very quickly.

APPOINTMENT THREE – You will start to have clearer vision even after one night. Your eyes and lenses are checked thoroughly and topographic readings taken.

APPOINTMENT FOUR – After a few more days vision will be clear and corrected. This check up is to ensure the Optometrist and yourself are totally satisfied with the treatment. Check-ups are then scheduled at similar intervals to those for normal contact lens users.

Many people start to see really well after even one night of Ortho-k, but others take a bit longer. Usually you’ll be 90% there after less than a week, so be patient – it may take up to three – four weeks for everything to be completely stable and the effect to last right through the day. We’ll give you some low power soft daily disposable lenses to get you through this temporary stage if you need them..

You will need replacement lenses regularly, usually annually, as the fragile nature and precision shape of the lenses plus the inevitable build-up of hard to remove deposits and grime mean that their performance will start to drop off. The cost of the lens replacement and all aftercare and support is included in your monthly payments, and is likely to be less than wearing conventional modern soft lenses.


For a full list of fees and the cost of Ortho-K fitting and aftercare click here and leave your details. 
Alternatively email us   –   info@ruthbigger.co.uk

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