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Home Visits

Home visits and eye care for residents in care homes

Home VisitWhen you can’t get to us, we’ll come to you.
If you are not able to come to us in person, you are probably entitled to a free eye examination at home.

Although do remember that we are a wheelchair friendly practice, with a consulting room adapted for wheelchairs and convenient parking outside the practice and a Blue Badge parking bay a few feet away from our front door.

By attending the practice we can provide a more advanced examination using the latest equipment and you can view a wider range of frames.

You use your eyes from the moment you wake up, so don’t take them for granted. Good vision is essential for full enjoyment your social activities, reading, and TV viewing. Poor vision is also a main cause of falls.

Up to date glasses, advice on lighting and other optical aids can make all the difference.

We carry a wide range of attractive and comfortable frames both free NHS and private to give you choice.

Domiciliary or Home Visits are available on request if you are housebound unable to leave your own home, or if you are a resident in a care home.

We are registered and approved by the Health and Social Care Board to supply eye care services to people who are in care homes or who have difficulty in attending our local practice on Clooney Terrace due to physical or mental disability.


For more information about home visits please click hereor to book a visit phone        028 7134 5891.


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