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Children’s eyecare costs zero!
Your child’s sight is precious. At Ruth Bigger Opticians on Clooney Terrace your child has access to top quality FREE eye care and a range of glasses which won’t cost a penny – that’s right they’re FREE!

If your child is under 16, they’re entitled to a free eye examination, and a voucher to help with the cost of new specs or contact lenses. We stock a range of good quality well-fitting frames which are free with the NHS voucher.

As a child’s eyesight is usually fully developed by the age of eight, it is crucial that eye tests are carried out at least once a year from the age of three. Sight tests for all children are free on the NHS – the only investment parents have to make is time.

Conditions such as squint or amblyopia (lazy eye) can lead to lifelong problems so it really is a case of ‘After Eight is too Late’. If detected early, many problems can be easily corrected, usually with glasses. Poor eyesight is not always obvious to parents, or even teachers, and can severely restrict a child’s ability to learn, read, write and spell. Additionally coloured overlays or tinted lenses through colorimetry may improve reading speed for those with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

If our examination reveals that your child needs glasses, he or she will also qualify for an NHS voucher that enables them to choose free frames from a selected range. Alternatively, for an additional charge, they can select frames from our other exciting children’s ranges, all available at an affordable price.

Poor eyesight can have a significant effect on children’s ability to learn and on their behaviour, yet often goes unrecognised by teachers, parents and by the children themselves.

We are conveniently located on Clooney Terrace in Londonerry / Derry in Northern Irealnd / N.Ireland.

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