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Monthly Pay Plan

Monthly Pay-Plan from as little as £6 per month

Join our Monthly Pay-Plan and reap the benefits.

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses you will benefit from the full attention and easy access to our highly qualified optometrists, taking the worry out of eyecare.

Experience our fully comprehensive eye examination including retinal photography, anterior eye imaging, visual field testing, corneal topography, computerised frame measurements and also any new additional services that we introduce.

Sign up now and receive all this!

  • Membership of PayPlan gives you so much more :
  • An affordable monthly payment spreads the cost of eye care and gives you access to more advanced eye care than can be achieved on the NHS alone.
  • All year round comprehensive eye care any time you need it.
  • All consultations, interim visits and phone calls.
  • Free trials of new lens designs/ materials or upgrades.
  • Lost or damaged disposable lenses replaced free.
  • We are already very competitive in our contact lens pricing, even so, you get an extra 10% off all contact lenses, contact lens solutions and accessories. Lenses are ordered directly from the manufacturer - not from a warehouse - so they have the longest use by dates.
  • 25% off specs - frames and lenses.
  • 20% off Plano sun-specs (to use over your contact lenses)
  • 10% off prescription sun-specs.


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